Walked in front of semi: Doug Edward Marcus, 33 – update with correct age

Doug Edward Marcus, 33, was killed Feb. 9 when he walked in front of a semi tractor-trailer in Phoenix, according to a news release from the Arizona Department of Public Safety.

Marcus, of Phoenix, walked across the 7th Street onramp of Interstate 10, passed through a gravel gore area and then walked into the far right lane of I-10 – directly into the path of a semi.

The semi’s driver saw Marcus and swerved to avoid him, but Marcus kept walking into the pathway of the truck with his arms up in the air.

DPS officers and bystanders began CPR while the Phoenix Fire Department made its way to the scene. Marcus was dead by the time the fire department arrived, shortly after the 2 p.m. incident.

Marcus’s death blocked traffic for several hours in the area


Although the Arizona Department of Public Safety originally said Doug Marcus was 36, his correct age is 33, according to a Feb. 15 update from AZDPS. The only other information AZDPS provided was that Marcus lived in Phoenix.

A family friend confirmed that this Doug Marcus is the same one whose family lives in Highland Park and grew up in Illinois.

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28 Responses to “Walked in front of semi: Doug Edward Marcus, 33 – update with correct age”

  1. azmouse says:

    That’s horrible! The poor truck driver and witnesses. That would stay in your mind forever.
    Sounds like the poor man was suicidal?

  2. michael says:

    Doug was a warm soul and a wonderful friend.  He will be remembered fondly by all of us who loved him dearly.

    • fred says:

      Doug was indeed a troubled young man. I will not divulge his exact medical illness. Suffice to say he wasn’t feeling well at all. His family is devastated to say the least. Michael, I’m truly sorry for your loss… Though I’m not directly related to Doug, I know his mother, and I pray she makes it through all of this. Rest in peace Doug, rest in peace. There is no more pain…

  3. skv says:

    I knew him since 15 years. He was a very nice guy, but lately he had some financial issues. Very sad what happed with him.

  4. ketan patel says:

    i am good friends with his stepbrother in illinois.    he told me he had schezophrenia…..it’s a shame this happened

  5. Rynski says:

    it is very sad. thank you to all who are leaving comments to help learn more about doug and what he was going through.
    condolences to everyone who knew him.

  6. Eileen says:

    I grew up with Doug.. he was a close friend on and off for many years.  He had a good heart, but many troubles.   I’m angry, sad, horrified….
    I’m so sorry to the driver of the truck.  To the Marcus family, if you read this, I am so sad for your loss.  Please know that Doug was always a warm and wonderful friend to me…  that never changed.

  7. ampersands song says:

    while i think a lot of doug’s problems were self-made, i think your comments are pretty off the mark and self-righteous.  you presume rational thinking from an irrational person.  do you also blame autistic children for their own behavior problems?  they choose to misbehave?  to suggest there was selfishness or a hint of egotism involved, is really absurd, and without a factual basis.

  8. Michael says:

    Doug (Highland Park, IL) that went to Barat College was born on July 23, 1976.  In the article above it states the man that died was 36.  Are we talking about the same guy here?

  9. Lee says:

    Could someone please tell me what’s going on here? Is this Doug Marcus from HP the article says 36, but I know Chuck was in Phoenix, what is happening? Is this really my friend Doug? I just saw him? This can’t be? Who are Michael and Fred? Please, if this has to do with Doug Marcus let me know who or how I can contact someone, none of his numbers work. Thanks.

    • fred says:

      Lee, I know Doug’s (step)brothers  in Illinois.  I’ll be in contact with them soon. They are monitoring this page as well. If you could leave some kind of contact info, I’m sure one of his brothers or sister could tell you what happened in a more appropriate way—

  10. Mark B. Evans says:

    You posted an insensitive comment on a blog meant for people who knew someone who died an unnatural death to offer condolences and to share information about the person who died to help the world know they were more than what was included in the news release about them.
    As a result, people who knew the victim have lashed out at you and you have responded by insulting them back.
    I’m asking that everyone knocks off the personal attacks or I’ll have to close the forum and start deleting some comments.
    Mark Evans
    Site Administrator

    • fred says:

      Mark, I’d like to apologize for my previous posts. Thankyou for stepping in. I should have asked to have them removed before this point. It’s sometimes difficult to let someone like that slide after making such insensitive comments. Freedom of speech is funny thing, especially on the web. Again, sorry for disrespecting this forum..

  11. Lee says:

    I guess this is true, and how I find out. What a lousy shrine to try an tribute the whole life of Doug, him and when he had the boat, the travels he did, the trips and many adventures I’ve had with him. Anyone know how to contact his father or mother? I just am saddened horribly by this, I know he took a downward spiral in these last years beyond anything in his whole life, but I saw him a few months ago myself, and did not see this in him… I wish I would have reached out to him more, and more recently. Doug you should’ve grown old with us, you will always be remembered and greatly missed.
    If someone would contact me then please do it through http://www.chicagostoplawyers.com I don’t want to post my personal info. with all these weirdos who didn’t know Doug posting on this.

  12. Lee says:

    Never mind about my hopeful speculations because there’s another doug marcus who is 36, I did have a detailed talk with Chuck, who was with him 10 minutes before, and it’s true, it’s the Doug Marcus I knew, and it’s awful. They are having a shiva in the Chicago Suburbs which I’ll attend, if anyone wants me to give them the information or address, or if the family wants help, Chuck knows where to reach me, andif you knew DOug and want to talk then go through my website and give me a call… Doug what were you thinking, you’ll be very missed…–Lee

  13. Ryan says:

    This has been a horrible tragady.  For those of you who read this and didnt know Doug, he was just a story, a tragic end to a life and a truck driver who will unfortunately have to live with this.

    First off, I would like to mention that he was actually 33 and from Chicago, contrary to what all the news stories reported.

    Doug was the kind of guy who you would shake your head because you couldnt believe he was doing what he was doing.

    Doug was charasmatic, fun, crazy, frustrating, a pain in the a$$, funny, a great loyal friend, a terrible friend and then a great friend again.  He loved to travel the world and had a very special love for India, which he visited several times as he started a software company. 

    His guy friends loved him, their girlfriends hated him.  He would befriend some of the strangest people I have ever seen.

    He bought a boat, a corvette and a jet ski, all of which he couldnt afford.

    What I am saying is that he lived life to the fullest.  Most people wouldnt have the balls to take the chances he did. 

    If Doug were emotionally healthy, he could have achieved greatness.  Instead, he took his life way too early. 

    There have been some really insensitive comments and I thought it would be better to paint a picture of who he was.


    • Vipin Shetty says:

      Doug Marcus was one of the most brilliant persons I have worked with, and Ryan’s comments sums it up, We had some good times and some bad times Looking back I have learnt a lot from him, I was deeply shocked and saddened by the way he died. My sincere condolences for his family and friends, he spoke highly about his father.

  14. Blair ballin says:

    Doug and I were very good friends in junior high; often getting in trouble for wrestling moves we learned and using them against teachers. Doug was a great guy and will be missed terribly. We miss you!

  15. Josh says:

    I’ll never forget Doug for his sensitivity when I first met my wife.  She was my first girlfriend then, and I must admit I was a little green to relationships.  My wife sensed that.  Doug told my wife, “Stick it out.  I know he seems weird, but he just never met anyone like you.  He’s a great guy, and you won’t go wrong being with him.”  Five years later we married and just 6 months ago we had a little boy. 

    It is true that Doug made some mistakes in his short life, and he was his own worst enemy.  But he had a great deal of love to offer the world, and it’s just a shame that love was extinguished less than a week ago.  

    He had a sharp and amazing mind – you could learn more from Doug sitting on a couch talking for two hours than you could in 4 years of college.  As noted earlier, he traveled the world (especially India).  He brought much Eastern culture back to the States, and anyone who knew him in the 2000’s benefited from his insights and experiences.  

    We lost touch in recent years, but every now and then Doug would call me at work or a mutual friend would put us back in touch in a conference call.  As much as we drifted apart, hearing of Doug’s explouts and travels never grew dull. 

    Though our paths took us in different directions, I will miss Doug greatly and I wish his mother and father much sympathy in their time of loss.

  16. Rynski says:

    Thank you to all who have shared about Doug. Sorry about the earlier confusion and insensitive comments that have since been deleted. It is confirmed that Doug was 33, not 36, and yes, was originally from Highland Park.

  17. JUDY says:

    Chuck – Kelley called me – I don’t know what to say to you!

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