Killed and dumped in wash: Rhia Almeida, 7

Rhia Almeida, 7, was found dead in an Ajo wash June 18, after the youngster had been beaten and stabbed, according to authorities.

Alegria/PCSD Photo

Alegria/PCSD Photo

Loretto Kyle Alegria, 19, was arrested in connection with the homicide the following day, Pima County Sheriff’s Department Deputy Dawn Barkman said. He faces charges of first-degree murder. No motive has yet been established.

Almeida had gone to visit her 9-year-old friend but when she got to his house, only the boy’s older brother, Alegria, was home, according to a report in the Arizona Daily Star.

Almeida’s body was found by two other youngsters who had been riding their bicycles in the area and alerted a nearby homeowner. The homeowner called 911 when told of the two girls’ discovery in the 500 block of West Ocotillo Avenue, Barkman said.

Detectives were later led to investigate the Alegria home in the 500 block of Palo Verde, where they found evidence that Almeida was killed inside the home and then dumped in the wash.

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22 Responses to “Killed and dumped in wash: Rhia Almeida, 7”

  1. RADC MAXIMUS says:

    When I heard about this yesterday I immediately thought this slime tried to rape her and she resisted. This poor family! Is this insanity becoming more and more commonplace? Seems like tragedys like this happen alot more these days. Such a waste of a young life. My deepest sympathies. This guy if guilty, needs a quick date with ‘old sparky’.

  2. leftfield says:

    Sad, tragic and without redemption. Still, I have yet to see a victim return to their former state of health by killing the killer.

    • kp says:

      Awesome, we’ll send him to your house so you can feed/house/confine/clothe/”counsel” him for the rest of his life. Maybe you can give him a stern talking to, and he’ll no longer be a murdering piece of garbage…… wait…he still will be.

      • rcwtp says:

        Agreed. No amount of counseling, free food, free housing, free clothing, free schooling, free medical and dental, free cable t.v. will ever bring that little girl back to life. At 19 years old, the killer certainly understands death is an earthly finality for her. His future life, no matter if lived in confinement and pennance, cannot justify the spending of my tax dollars. He should step up to the plate and accept the eternal consequence for his raping a family of their child and not waste my money with court-appointed counsel or prison. Also, divert my tax dollars into a prison program where criminals such as this girls’ killer earn money to provide victims with funerals and their family’s with grief counseling.

      • leftfield says:

        It’s going to cost you a lot more to get a death penalty conviction and to get through the appeals process than it would to impose a non-capital sentence. I know that you will likely blame that on liberal judges and those darn defense lawyers, but how many dead murderers justify the murder of an innocent person by the state (read: you and me) and how easy do you really want to make it for the state to kill people?

        • Remember_Rhia says:

          Leftfield-In this case he murdered a small innocent helpless child…my cousin’s daughter. He did violent horrible things that no one or nothing should EVER have to endure or even imagine. So who cares how much it would cost to seek the death penalty, he took my precious Rhia from her mom, dad, brothers, family and friends who loved her SOOOO MUCh! We will never get her back to tell her we love her, hugs or kisses, to watch her laugh and play, HE took all that away, WHY should he live or be given the possibility to have life inside prison or outside. Loretto Alegria doesn’t deserve even to be given the death penalty, its to nice of a way to end his life, he took the last few hours of Rhia’s life and did unimaginable things to her and then tossed her out like garbage!

  3. […] In addition to being featured in a movie I watched last night, the death penalty came up twice this morning. It surfaced as the possible punishment for the driver of the van that crashed and killed 11 illegal immigrants and again as a desired punishment for the alleged killer of the 7-year-old Ajo girl. […]

  4. noslack says:

    she is my cousin and he did rape her. but they didnt publish it for some reason, but the public needs to know.

  5. Jim Anderson says:

    I have met this little girl through my sister and niece. It was some time ago. As a victum of abuse, my heart goes out to the family of this precious little gift. We will keep this little angel in our prayers and that God comforts her family. As for the accused, if convicted of this heinous act, he should be strung up. There is no excuse for this in our society and his form of brutality, the death of an innocent little girl, is particularily distrubing and needs to be punished with the most extreme punishment. Just my two cents since I do not live in Arizona; send him to Texas – they probably won’t mind and they have an express lane for this type of person (if convicted of course).

  6. someonewhoknows says:

    First off I know first hand of the unspeakable things this man did to this little girl. If there is any way to have him tortured and beaten in a similar fashion and send verification to whoever in the family would like proof of this justice I would be all for it. I can’t help but feel such a strong need for street justice in a case like this because no matter what the law determines I don’t think it will ever serve him the punishment he deserves.

  7. Jennifer says:

    I knew Rhia and loved her like she was my own. Life will never be the same without her and those of us that knew her were blessed to spend her 7 years of life with her. She was a beautiful child, inside and out. She loved her family and friends. The amount of pain we are all going through is immeasurable and we are devastated. What her killer did to her is unspeakable and I hope he suffers. No punishment he gets will be enough in my mind.

  8. DJN279 says:

    My condolenses go out to rhia’s family, My heart just broke when i heard what had happen. I have 3 beautiful babies my self and all i know is that if this happen to my daughter. I would make sure that they would get him on the inside. I would make his life hell in prison!!! No Innocent angel ever deserves this!!! I think that they should stick that piece of fecese in regular population, and let the boys that have little girls and cherish them, unleasch on that ugly piece of dog crap, They would make that monster cry. He needs to know what it’s like to beg for his life and be tortured. I say take that “things” rights away, because his victim never had that chance to say STOP. Rhia is so pretty, and i pray for her family.  I am sooooo sorry for your loss, She is now an angel in heaven, with god beside her, with all his love and happiness she shall never see evil again.


  9. Monique Tijerina says:

    I am Kyle’s aunt I had met Rhia this summer when visiting in Ajo. My daughter had played with Rhia during the short time before rhia’s death. I just want everyone one to know that my sister and my family are very sorry for this. No one seems to know that my sister and her husband feel terrible it has been hard for them to think about what has happened to Rhia. They know this is wrong and I know this is not any excuse but my sister did try to help her son many times. She had him in hospitals for help , anytime he got into trouble the courts let him go, insursurance company would only pay for one week of help. I know if somene had killed one of our family members we would be leaving comments just like everyone is about Kyle. The one thing is put the shoe on your foot what if your son killed someone ? is it your fault? Do u still love your son?  I know my sister loves her son and won’t stop loving him and she also has to live with this for the rest of her life. No one is defending him in our family we know he needs help and will be punished but I know as a parent you can’t stop loving your child. Like the saying goes something bad has to happen before anyone does anything about it in this case courts and hospitals need to be more careful before releasing someone if they know its wrong.  Again our hearts do go out to Rhia and her family even though no one out there knows but we are going through hell also just by knowing how awful this was for Rhia

    • azmouse says:

      I can’t even imagine how hard this is for your family. I often feel the guilty parties’ family feel the pain, shame and guilt of what their family member has done.

      Thank you for speaking about it and I hope your family heals as well.

  10. am kyles mom and i feel more for rhia then kyle she was always at my house playing she love to play with caden she use to chase him around the house she was at my house all the time. i think about it all the time was she crying did she scream nobody wanted to go in the room for along time its very hard to llive here but we have no where to go now i think of kyle  but we think of her more my husband cant stop crying we go down to her spot all the time  i think sometimes am not going to make it elijah gets beat up at school all the time he doesnt understand all he nows is that his broyher killed rhia  my heart goes out to the family but she has a heart elijah still goes over and plays with her two sons caden just ask weres kyle we just tell him tucson these kids dont understand i will always think about rhia

  11. rhia i miss you alot and  i remember all the fun we had together i wont forgrt you

  12. elijah says:

    rhia today we had a valtines party it was ok  we went to a party yesterday jillian and i play games i have spelling words to do yuk i do good i miss you a lot  love elijah

  13. elijah says:

    rhia today was notn good we didnt get to are spelling test last week so today  we had it  today we play police  thats naboutnit i still miss you very much  but i know ill see you someday

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