Real life house of horrors: Dead things litter St. Louis home, including mummified man in a wheelchair

A little housekeeping may have gone a long way in a St. Louis home — especially since the mummified remains of a man was found propped up in a wheelchair in a back room. This was on top of the debris, filth and dead animals strewn about the home and yet another dead dog in the back yard. All this was on top of the home’s caretaker, who was also once the caretaker of the wheelchair man, found dead in the bathroom.

Although this real life house of horrors had been allegedly housing the remains of the wheelchair man since he died in 2005, it was not until years later a neighbor called officials after the backyard dog corpse began to reek.

Authorities arrived at the two-family red brick home in the 800 block of Grape Avenue in north St. Louis on a report of a dead dog in the back yard.

Inside the home, they discovered a horrifying scene with several dead dogs and cats, a woman who may have been dead two weeks and the mummified remains of a man who may have been dead several years. Eight live animals — six cats and two dogs — are being treated by Humane Society of Missouri officials.

Police said a woman in her 50s, known by neighbors as Chrissy, was found in a bathroom. A half dozen dead animals, including dogs, cats and birds, were found throughout the home. The man’s mummified remains were found in a back room, propped up in a wheelchair. Read more »


Monkees man Davy Jones dead at 66, heart attack blamed

We’re not sure what best sums up Monkees lead Davy Jones’ biggest claim to fame. It’s not like he had a snazzy hat like Mike Nesmith, who also had a mom who invented Wite-Out. But he was the superstar dreamboat of the group, who sadly died of a heart attack Feb. 29 at the age of 66.

Perhaps Marcia Brady will remember him most for kissing her cheek, a move that made her proclaim she would never wash her face again.

Although the Monkees were formed as a made-for-TV band, members evidently did not get the memo when the show stopped taping. They kept on touring even after their Monkees show run was done. Read more »

Train crash deaths: Three dead, dozens injured when train derails in Canada

A 10-second train crash was over in a flash, yet lasted long enough to kill three and injury dozens of others, according to the Associated Press.

The cause of the Feb. 26 Via Rail crash in Canada was not yet reported, and probably not yet known. The names of the three deceased, all of whom were Via Railway employees, were not yet released. Read more »

Book Review: Murder as a Call to Love – Zen as an antidote for murder? You bet

The next time you’re whining about doing something difficult, take a lesson from Judith Toy. Toy succeeded in doing one of the most difficult things one could imagine, something many of us would perhaps never be able to bring ourselves to do. She forgave the guy who murdered three of her family members.

We’re not talking about her standing up at a courtroom podium and mouthing words of forgiveness since that’s what “good” people are “supposed” to do. We’re talking about deep, real, from-the-gut forgiveness that some of us can’t even give our boss when he denies our selected vacation days.

She found it in her soul to forgive the 19-year-old mixed-up man-child who brutally murdered her sister-in-law and two teenage nephews.

Read more »

Death poem: AUTOPSY


see contusions on the
knuckles here & dirt
beneath the nails as if she
fought against life – against
death – note the lesions on her
wrist bones from the
mind-forged manacles –

observe the
cracked & broken ribs, the
welts of purple on her back,
like those that came from a paint gun where
she was victim of assault from
bad ideas – see lacerations

round her neck where she was
noosed by the will of others the
blood in her ears from the scolding
of elders the ankles
rubbed raw from the
ball & chain of an
eight-hour job – the
scars on her heart from
early childhood

– and her brain is
imploded from
too much thought – that is what
ultimately killed her.

–Ryn Gargulinski


In Honor of the Kyle Experience

when the little boy was five there lived a
man upstairs who committed suicide by
taking his weight set* repeatedly
banging himself in the head — it made the
blood drip down from the ceiling above and
form a pool in the kiddie toy bathtub. the horror
now makes the kid do weird things like
act like an adult
at the tender age of 10 – he also fears
wide open spaces. I fear
little, closed spaces –
my mind.

–Ryn Gargulinski

Dropped dead in front row of NYC fashion show: Zelda Kaplan, 95

Dying while doing what you love is one of the better ways to expire, at least comparatively. It was also the fate of Zelda Kaplan, 95, who slumped over dead at a New York City fashion show. Sure beats the heck out of wasting away in a foul-smelling hospice or getting hit by a bus.

New York City’s oldest style icon and clubgoer, known for her regular presence at fashion galas and late-night partying, died Wednesday in the front row at a fashion show.

Zelda Kaplan, 95, “slumped forward’’ as a model entered the runway at Joanna Mastroianni’s Lincoln Center runway show, according to several reports. The socialite was given CPR and taken to nearby St. Luke’s-Roosevelt Hospital in an ambulance but could not be revived. Only a few minutes before her death she had posed for photographers in her signature matching hat and dress and oversized glasses. Read more »

Why Ann Rule rules as best true crime author

Any true crime buff knows even the most intriguing of true crime books can quickly fall flat if they are not written with a bit of panache. True crime stories never fall flat under the talented and experienced hand of best true crime author Ann Rule.

In addition to her seamless and suspenseful storytelling, Rule has background in law enforcement that helps explain and transform even the most boring details into tantalizing tidbits.

She also answers the questions you want answered, rather than simply relying on police reports or court transcripts that never tell the whole story. Her contact with real people during her research makes the real stories come to real life

Find out for yourself. I have at least one full bookshelf dedicated to true crime author Ann Rule, with some of my favorites near the top of the true crime book pile.
True crime books never ruled so greatly as they do with best true crime author Ann Rule. Check her out for yourself!


Whitney Houston dead at 48, celebrity death we were not counting on yet

Even though she pulled through at least one very low period that involved crack pipes in her bathroom, Whitney Houston is dead at age 48. Those who distastefully bet on celebrity deaths may have taken her off the list of late, based on the way her life did take a dramatic upswing, although USA Today had a 2,000-word obit at the ready.

The immediate cause of her death was unknown, although it was ironically announced at a pre-Grammy party. (The mondo obit notes she had been sorely disappointed by her lack of Grammy nominations for later work).

There’s no doubt Whitney Houston had talent, but she also fell into the traps of abusive relationships and addiction that do limit themselves to celebrities but are instead equally opportunity potential killers.

But by the mid-1990s, rumors of marital woes and drug abuse began to tarnish her image and she took a downward spiral that saw her name emblazoned in sordid tabloid headlines rather than glowing reports of musical success. Read more »


Custom Jumbo Voodoo Dolls: Lucky Wedding Voodoo Dolls

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